Draadloze deurbel


52 ringtones


25-85 DB


300 meter onbelemmerd verbindingsbereik


220V AC plug-in


Volledig draadloos


12 maanden garantie

Ik heb pas geleden de dbell aangeschaf, me vrouw vroeg er al een langere tijd om. Ik ben online gaan zoeken en kwam uit op dbell. Ik was niet alleen verrast door de prijs maar ook door de fucties! Tot nu toe ben ik erg tevreden en heeft de dbell aan al mijn verwachtingen voldaan. Hij werk erg goed op zowel iPhone als Android. Ik wens dbell.nl erg veel succes met de zaken, goed product en een geweldige klantenservice!

Mark, Thornhill, Ontario

Dbell Draadloze Deurbel

Dbell AC plug-in draadloze binnenshuis bel met 52 ringtonen 4 nivo aanpasbare volume. 25-85db met 300 meter’ onbelemmerde verbindingsbereik. 220V AC plug-in

12 maanden garantie

Binnenshuis bel/chime

Belangrijke specificaties
-Gewicht                                            260 gram
-Afmeting                                          16,5 x 12,8 x 8,0 cm (L x B x H)
-Model                                               DB01-WIB
-Kleuren                                             Wit
-Stroomaansluiting                            AC 110V-220V 50Hz/60Hz
-Connectiviteitstype                          315/433MHz ± 2MHz

Een Dbell AC plug-in binnenshuis draadloze bel.

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I got my dbell on Indiegogo, and I agree with Matthew that it is very easy to install and set up. I initially had a problem and I couldn’t figure out if it was low power or wifi signal. I called the dbell support number and got a very nice and knowledgeable person on the phone who helped me figure out that it was low power. Once I got a new transformer installed, it worked right away. Picture quality is great, and the microphone can even pick up birds in a tree way out on the street. I’m loving mine so far!

Debby Brown

My Dbell arrived in UK in good time, and first impressions are its an excellent piece of kit. On opening the package I was simply impressed with the quality of the packaging. High quality cardboard – no crushing, All parts inside were individually boxed. It came across as a very professional product, clearly time had been spent on presentation, and thats very important, and its a reflection of the item itself. Well done Dbell.

Al Drabbuh

Super easy to install and set-up. If you read and watch their install video; you can be up and running in less than 15 minutes (assuming you have your low voltage doorbell wires or ethernet cable already available to power the dbell. Picture is perfect, sound is pretty good, and the best part of all, it connects 100% of the time. I was in the passenger seat of a car going 65 MPH with 3 bars of LTE coverage with AT&T and the dbell connected on demand in 2-3 seconds. dbell is DBEST!

Matthew Blum

The new model that was just launched yesterday is simply amazing. Check it out at their website There is a media promotion running right now so you can get a massive deal for the next few days . A better product I think than ring

Andrew McGee

Great support, good product and works like a charm.. 100% trust this Canadian company!


John BG

Awesome doorbell I just installed. I can speak and see all visitors at my door, even if I am not home! It is all done thanks to the wicked iPhone app! If you have power locks, they are also compatible!

Kelly Pelzer

Geniet van 52 geweldige ringtones in uw bel


dbell AC plug-in draadloze binnenshuis bel met 52 ringtonen 4 nivo aanpasbare volume. 25-85db met 300 meter’ onbelemmerde verbindingsbereik. 220V AC plug-in.